Wildlife Habitat Workshops – Spring dates available

Spring workshop dates available, book your place.  Just £10 each or £30 for the series.  Click here to see details…

Lawn to Wildflower Meadow Workshop – New for 2023

Transform your lawn, or at least part of it into a wildflower meadow without digging.  In this short workshop, you will learn how to create and look after a wildflower meadow.  Saturday, May 13th Whiteshill 2 – 4 pm, includes tea and cake and the opportunity to explore the whole of the garden which includes many features designed to support wildlife.  Places limited to 9.  Book here

Wild Stroud Open Gardens 2023

In June 2022 twenty-two gardens in the Stroud District opened to the public to share and show what they are doing for wildlife.  We had a lovely range of gardens, from those just starting, to others that have had many years dedicated to developing food, shelter, and water for wildlife.

 Join In 2023

Our open gardens will be May 20 & 21st May. Would you consider joining in this year no matter where you are in your journey?  If so find out more…

Wildlife needs you and your garden to help

Making Nature Welcome 


  • Commit some time and energy to make your garden (more) wildlife-friendly.
  • Use our wildlife garden Assessment Questionnaire to find out how wildlife friendly your garden is and what else you can do.  Minimum donation £1
  • Act on the report you receive and make it your garden even better.

Why this is important

If you have come to this website it’s probably because you already understand the impact that the massive loss of habitat (builds, roads etc.), the overuse of chemical fertilisers and pesticides are having on our wildlife.  Restoring and rebuilding is going to take time and energy.  We have a dream of huge sections of the Stroud District becoming nature corridors and nature reserves providing habitat that supports the life cycles of all of our wildlife.  We care about everything; the midges and aphids which provide food for birds, the worms and fungi which look after our soil, we could go on and on…

We need you to help

This project is not about walking away from your garden and letting it go wild.  Our gardens have many functions and it’s all about how to get the balance right.   Gardening itself is a wonderful pastime, an opportunity to create what you want in your garden.  It’s a place for kids to play and learn about nature.  It’s definitely a place – British weather permitting to sit and enjoy a meal, a BBQ and maybe a glass of wine on a summers’ evening.


Stroud Landscape Project

We’re excited to be working with the National Trust on this project.  The aim is to build wildlife corridors through the urban areas of Stroud to connect nature reserves and farmland, allowing wildlife to move to new habitats.  You can read about the National Trust’s Stroud Landscape Project here.

Wild Stroud’s contribution to this project is to encourage and inspire you and your neighbours to plant at least one square metre of one of the plants on the National Trust list in your garden or community space.  If you can do more so much the better.  We have worked with the National Trust to identify their key plants for the corridors and then rationalised this list. to the eight we think would work well in local gardens.  You can see and download the whole list here.  Wild Stroud Urban Corridor (opens in new window)

Get involved

Wild Stroud will be setting a goal for the number of square metres we add this year.  We are looking for people to get involved in the following ways

  • Sign up to plant a square metre of one or more of these plants in your garden or your pots
  • Grow plug plants from seed to share with the community
  • Share the story within your community to get more involvement
  • Teach others how to grow from seed

Register your interest and receive updates and news – Register here

Habitat Workshops

Spring 2023

Straight to Booking

Wildflower Lawn Workshop

Lawn to wildflower meadow without digging

Assess Your Garden

How good is your garden for wildlife?  Take our assessment and receive a report and certificate

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“UK households could give nature a massive boost by seeing their gardens, balconies, patios and windowsills as potential wildlife sanctuaries.”


Chris Packham


Support, Advice and Help

We’re building our resource centre, we are finding really good materials and adding them as quickly as we can.   If you don’t know where to start we’ll give you some ideas and help. Wild Stroud is run by volunteers and our workshops have been supported by Gloucestershire WIldlife Trust, Stroud Town Council, Rodborough Parish Council and Cainscross Parish Council.


Stroud Town Council

We’re supported by the Green Spaces team with their time and expertise and Trinity Ward who have provided some funding for the micro-pond workshop

Small Sparks

We’re delighted to have received a £250 grant from Small Sparks at Barnwood Trust to help us with the costs of workshops, materials and awards.

Cainscross Town Council

Supporting us with costs for workshops

Stroud Valleys Project

Supporting us with materials, financial support and volunteers

Stroud Nature

Supporting us with materials and just being supportive and helpful

Transition Stroud

We’re proud to be part of Transition Stroud and contributing to the Stroud Goal of Carbon Neutral by 2030

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

Supporting us with knowledge, time and resources

Hedgehog Republic

Thank you for use of your wildlife cameras and encouragement to make this project happen