Wildlife needs you and your garden to help

If you have come to this website it’s probably because you already understand the impact that the massive loss of habitat (builds, roads etc.), the overuse of chemical fertilisers and pesticides are having on our wildlife.  Restoring and rebuilding is going to take time and energy.  We have a dream of huge sections of the Stroud District becoming nature corridors and nature reserves providing habitat that supports the life cycles of all of our wildlife.  We care about everything; the midges and aphids which provide food for birds, the worms and fungi which look after our soil, we could go on and on…

Habitat Workshops

Find out how to share your garden, or part of it with wildlife,  support wildlife to thrive through the seasons.  Find out more. and book your place

Lawns to Meadows - create and maintain - Whiteshill 2 - 4 pm

Join us on September 23rd in some well-established garden meadows and find out how these are created and maintained.  See a lawn which has been turned into a meadow using a mower rather than digging.  Learn how to look after your meadow.  Find out more

Add a Wildflower Patch to Your Lawn - 30th September 2 - 4 pm Bisley

Create a wildflower meadow in your lawn Saturday 30th September 2 – 4 pm Bisley.  This workshop is for people who have the time in early October to start to create their own wildflower patch in their lawn.  Find out more


Joined Up Thinking for Nature - 19th September 7 - 9 pm Stroud Brewery

Come and hear about the fantastic things going on in our district, and how local organisations are collaborating on nature’s recovery.  Help us explore what we can do to build on what we’ve achieved so  and meet many of the amazing people who have been creating habitats in their gardens for wildlife.  Find out more and join the guest list

Wild Stroud Sunflower Competition

Did you enter our Sunflower Competition?  Register your results here

The Stroud Urban Corridor

Wild Stroud needs your help to add 500 square metres of pollinator plants to our urban area.  Volunteers are needed to grow our 30 plants from seed, nurture our baby plants, share the project in your community and add plants to your garden.  Find out more and get involved or register your square metres

Things we think you might find interesting

Peat Free Compost

It’s here to stay for amateur gardeners.  We’ve been taking a look at what is available and asking people for opinions.  Check out the resources we have curated for you, from how it is made to how to make your own if you dislike the commercial offering.  Find out more

Building Soil

Are you thinking about growing your own veg this year?  Take a look at our Think Soil resources page, which includes links to no-dig methods.

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Assess Your Garden

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5 Things to Think About

What to do in Your Garden

Organisations Supporting and Funding Wild Stroud

Our work would be much harder without this support.  Thank you.

Summerfield Trust

In 2023 Wild Stroud Habitat Workshops are sponsored by the Summerfield Trust

Stroud Town Council

In 2023 Stroud Council provided support and funding for our Open Gardens signage

Cainscross Town Council

Supporting Wild Stroud in 2023 with funds for the Urban Corridor Project

Stroud Brewery

Stroud Brewery donates beer slops for slug traps, helping us transition people to a chemical and pesticide-free Stroud.

Stroud Valleys Project

We are delighted to be working closely with SVP on its Garden Guardians Project.  Both organisations share a commitment to encourage people to do more for wildlife.  Where possible we are collaborating on events and ensuring we don’t duplicate each others offerings

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

Supporting us with knowledge, time and resources.