Making Nature Welcome Competition and Garden Awards 2020

Give yourself a challenge and enter our competition in 2020.  

Wild Stroud has a goal for 2020 and that is to add more habitat for wildlife in Stroud and the Stroud District gardens.  We want to measure so that we can shout about it and use it to get more people involved.  

  • 100 new micro ponds added to gardens in the Stroud District
  • 100 more square metres of pollinator gardens
  • 100 more square metres of wildflower meadow
  • 100 natural log piles for insects added to gardens
  • What else could we achieve?

How amazing that would be? – please join our Garden Awards and competition and help us do lots for nature this year.

All size gardens and all size projects

Whatever size garden you have there is a place for you in this competition.  The competition will focus on elements that you add to your garden during 2020.  You will be invited to take some photos and just write a little about what you are intending to do.

Open to all experience

We’ve been running workshops and will be encouraging lots of meetings and sharing of experience and techniques as we go through the year.  So if you are new to wildlife gardening we will help you and hope that some of the more experienced people joining will share their knowledge with us.

Don’t let Covid19 stop you helping nature.  If we can’t meet we will do more online in terms of resources, ideas, question and answer sessions, share our learning and mistakes through social media (we have a closed Facebook group you can join).  We can even do live chats with web conferencing.  Let’s support wildlife and support each other

Sourcing plants and resources – we understand that it might be impossible to source new plants but we invite you to do what you can.  You could build a micro-pond even if you can’t get the plants for it at the moment.  

How will the awards and competition work?

  • Self assess your existing garden, yard, balcony, community space or allotment using our online questionnaire.  
  • Receive a report and assessment from Wild Stroud.  The report will contain suggestions of what else you could do
  • Plan your projects
  • Take photos or draw  or make a short video of what you currently have
  • Upload or send us your plan (description – or detailed drawings) and your photos so we know what you are doing and where you are starting from
  • Get on with your projects
  • Join us for some social and educational events during the summer (optional)
  • Submit online or send us your results – photos/drawings/short video plus any description you want to give us by 31st July 2020
  • Re take the questionnaire
  • Receive an award from Wild Stroud – a plaque to go in your garden which will be made of natural materials
  • If selected in the top 6 gardens you will receive a visit from the judges
  • Be entered in to the prize draw

Assess Your Garden


Includes competition entry and reassessment

Closing date 15th May 2020

Supporting GWT

£1 from each assessment will be donated to Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

The Awards

All gardens entering and sending in their achievements will receive a Wild Stroud Award.  We will be sharing the uplift we see through the summer – how about 100 extra micro ponds.  20 gardens go from bronze to silver etc – please join in and make these statistics really good.

The Competition Criteria

As well as the criteria in the questionnaire we will be looking at where people have recycled, reused or repurposed things.  We will be looking at garden innovations – where has someone done something really different and new that we could share with others.

From the results submitted Emily and Chloe will shortlist 4 from each category of house, micro and allotment and present these to the judges.  We will also identify our top recycled, reused or repurposed and clever innovations.  The judges will make site visits to the top 6 gardens.


We’re delighted that Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust is working with us on the judging of this competition.  They also provided advice and support as we developed our questionnaire.


We will have some prizes for each category.  We’re intending to do a draw for the prizes – so all Gold Gardens will be entered into the Gold Prize Draw, Silver for the Silver Prize draw etc.


    How much will this cost?

    Just £10 to have your initial questionnaire done and enter the competition.  This includes your report, assessment of your projects, re-assessment questionnaire, a visit to your garden if you are in the final 6, and a plaque for the award you achieve.


    Purchase your assessment by 15th May and submit your project by 31st May 2020

    The assessment will be available after that but will not include entry into the competition

    *** Please note the competition is running in Stroud District – if you live outside of this you are welcome to use our questionnaire and our resources but you may not enter the competition or the final awards.


    Assess Your Garden


    Includes competition entry and reassessment

    Closing date 15th May 2020

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