Submitting your Achievements

It’s time to get your results in.  We need two different things from you and you can do them both from this page:   The final submission date for both elements is now the 31st August – however if you are ready to submit now please do.

  1. Send us photos/videos of what you have achieved – you can do this in several different ways.  Use one of the options from the green buttons below
  • Use the upload function on this link- Upload Submission which allows you to add photos/videos and commentary in one form
  • Email us your photos/comments and videos – (or video links) (please note you will need to send small files if you use this method)
  • Request a visit – if you are unable to do any of these Chloe is willing to come and photograph/video your achievements for you by arrangement during August.  Email Chloe


  1. Complete the questionnaire again by the 31st August. We will use this to do a comparison of what you started with and what you now have.  If you have additional comments to make you can make them with the submission of your photos/video.  We’re sorry...  in order to be able to complete the comparison we have had to use an exact copy of the original questionnaire which means you need to complete the first few questions again.  Please use the blue button below or click here to find questionnaire


Upload your photos/videos and add any comments here – any file size


Email your photos/videos and add any comments here – small files only

Request Help

Request help with photographing or creating video evidence of your projects

Retake Questionnaire

Retake the questionnaire for final assessment