July 2020

Lots of new flowers and insects arrived in July, so lots of new sightings.  July, even when it is rather cool always has that lovely feeling of abundance.

Female Chrysotoxum verralli hoverfly

A typical Chrysotoxum species with bold yellow markings giving a strong resemblance to a social wasp. Largely restricted to south-east England and the midlands and usually quite scarce  more …

Photo – Graeme Davis – Painswick Beacon

Notch-horned Cleg - Haematopota pluvialis

The eyes are hairy and the mottled wings are held ‘rooflike’ at rest, and the 1st antennal segment is notched near the tip in the female. Like most flies in this family, the eyes reflect light in patterns. More…

Photo – Graeme Davis – Painswick Beacon

Marmalde Hoverfly - Episyrphus balteatus

This colourful little insect is one of many species of hoverfly that occur in the UK.

The marmalade hoverfly is a common visitor to gardens where it nectars on flat-topped flowers and rests on vegetation   more…

Photo – Graeme Davis  – The Bridle

Dark Green Fritillary Speyeria aglaja

The Dark Green Fritillary  is the most widespread fritillary found in the British Isles and is a pleasure to see as it flies powerfully over its grassland habitats, frequently stopping to nectar on Thistles and Knapweed. More…

Photo – Graeme Davis – Selsley Common