Focus on Food, 29th February 2020 – 10 – 4pm

The Pavilion in the Park, Victory Park, Cainscross, Stroud. GL5 4JE


A focus on food

Our second workshop will focus our attention on food for our wildlife.  We will cover all of the seasons and explore how to support our wildlife with as much natural and homegrown food through the seasons and then look at when and what to provide outside of this.

Workshop Outline

During the day the information and techniques we share will be applicable to all sizes of garden and we will help you think through what is specifically relevant for you.  Weather permitting, you will be able to get out in the garden and start doing some things you’ve planned to provide and create in your wildlife garden.

Emily and Chloe will lead the workshop.  For this workshop we will be joined by Mat, from Stroud Town Council, Green Spaces team.  Matt has extensive knowledge and experience in creating wild flower meadows.  Even as I write this I know that this sounds easy but that actually it’s hard to do, so I’m looking forward to all the tips and tricks I can learn. 

We will also be exploring planting plans.  How do you build layers of food in your garden?  What plants are best?  Which plants should we avoid?   How do we find out if the plants we are buying have been treated with pesticides and so what if they have?  How do we take cuttings or grow from seed – lots of tips on this one

The day will be made up of 4 sessions, each lasting about an hour with breaks in between.  We will, or one of our experts will share their knowledge, expertise and or experience with you and then give you a chance to apply this to your garden through discussion with others.  We will mix and match groups according to subject, interest, garden size and location in order to have maximum information exchange.  The session will end with an open forum and questions on the topic.

Objectives of the Workshop

You will leave with

  • A plan of your garden and a planting plan to fill the gaps for providing natural food for pollinators
  • Principles for providing food
  • A plan of work for the next few weeks
  • A community of people you can tap into for support and advice

The Plan for the Day

10:00 am – Opening hellos and explanations of what we are doing and why we are doing it.

10:15 – General Principles of Wildlife and sharing our gardens – We’ll start with you and your garden, how you use it and what you want to create.  We’ll share some of the general principles you need to think about and a few of the fundamentals that you need to know.  It doesn’t matter if you are only just starting out, maybe you are just starting out or maybe you are highly ambitious you will start in this session to think through what you have and what you want to achieve.  

11:45 – How do I create a wildflower meadow – large or small. 

Matt will join us to share his experience of creating wildlife meadows.  What is the impact of our soil, the direction our gardens face, the amount of shade or water we have on what we can grow and how we look after it

Lunch and chat – bring your own – hot and cold drinks provided as part of the day – cakes and goodies on sale.

13.30 – A deep dive into native versus alien plants, what grows well in what conditions.  It’s all very well saying native plants but what are they, where do you get them, and what about the alien ones you’ve already got that are humming with hoverflies, beetles, bees?  Practical advice which plants are high value for our wildlife and the best places for them to be.  We will also explore options, which plants do well but require little maintenance?  

14:45 So what are you going to do or not do?   In our final session you will design and draw your garden and plan what to do and when to do it.  We will encourage you to reuse, recycle and repurpose and not to spend lots of money unless you want to.  We will explore ways in which we can support each other by plant swops, creating cuttings,  and even help each other in our gardens when a job requires more than one person.  


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