Organic beer from Stroud Brewery

This is definitely a controversial topic and you can read about how we came to our decision to create this offering here.

Please note:  We think that the best way to control slugs is to create a garden full of predators and we have curated lots of information on natural ways to control slugs on our resources page.

Ask at the bar for some beer slops.  It’s fresh every week and stored in the cool room.  You’ll be given a 2 -litre bottle.  Please note this is not for human consumption.   We will be asking for a small donation to cover the cost of running the project or put in a few pounds to cover future collections.  The beer is being donated to us by the Brewery as it fits with their policy of zero waste and recycling.  If you can bring a clean empty bottle for us to fill that would be great.  Give it to the bar staff when you ask for a your slops.

Organise a local beer collection point.

If you’d like a beer collection point in your area contact Wild Stroud to organise how and when.

Slug Trap Beer

Donate to the cost of the project