The Stroud Landscape Project

We’re excited to be working with the National Trust as a partner in their Stroud Landscape Project. This project aims to reverse the loss of habitat by creating more space for nature. With the town of Stroud in Gloucestershire at its centre, the project extends as far as Crickley Hill in the north to Wotton-under-Edge in the south. The area is renowned for rare species, like the Duke of Burgundy butterfly, pasque flower and greater horseshoe bats.

Read the latest Newsletter here, it is inspiring.  (opens in a new window)

The Stroud Urban Corridor

Wild Stroud’s contribution to this project is to encourage and inspire you and your neighbours to plant at least one square metre of one of the plants on the National Trust list in your garden or community space.  We are aiming to increase connectivity through our urban areas and between our open spaces for wildlife.  If you can do more, so much the better.  We have worked with the National Trust to identify their key plants for the corridors. We’ve rationalised this list for the urban corridor project and also added a further 20 plants which we believe will help wildlife thrive in urban areas.

The National Trust full list – if you have or are creating a meadow these are the plants the National Trust would like you to focus on. See List here (opens in new window)

Wild Stroud Meadow Plants – top 8 local native plants that could be added to lawns and orchards.  National Trust top 10 for urban corridor See List here (opens in new window)

Wild Stroud Full list including Urban Plants – Help wildlife thrive year round and provide food and shelter corridors in urban Stroud.  We are slowly developing this list into a booklet which will tell you where to get the plants, where to plant them, what they are good for and how to look after them.  Wild Stroud Urban Corridor Plants (opens in new window)

Your Sq Metres

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Help Us Do More

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Let’s add 500 square metres of plants to our urban area

Ways in which you can become involved

With issues of peat compost, insecticides, artificial fertilizer and cost we are setting out to create our own bank of plants

Become a plant parent – Create baby plants for us.  If you love sowing and growing on seeds we will provide the seeds and compost for you and then take the plants back from you and pass them on.

Foster baby plants – Take small young plants and grow them on for us.  Depending on the plant this could be splitting and potting on or just growing them into a more mature plant

Add a square metre – Add at least one square metre to your garden or community space.  This could be more than one plant and spread across your garden.  It just needs to be one of our Urban Corridor plants.  You will need to register your metre, providing your postcode, the plants you have added and ideally a photo of the plant

Involve your local community – Share the story within your community and encourage them to get involved

Plant Sale and Swop – let’s do another one

Wow, we had an amazing morning selling plants back in April.  Our next one will be Saturday April 27th 2024. Subrooms Forecourt 0900 – 1100 We’ve spent this year growing many of our local native plants from seed.  

See the list Wild Stroud Urban Corridor Plants.

We’re also interested in other plants which are good for pollinators.  Sign up below and join in.

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