Water for Wildlife

Sunday 24th March 09:30 – 1pm with an optional site and pond dipping (1- 3 pm) visit in the afternoon  (subject to weather)


The Pavilion, Victory Park, Cainscross

If you only do one thing for wildlife in your garden then add water… The birds and the bees need water and we can provide it in a way that makes it safe and easy for them to drink and yet is still safe for children in your garden.

You don’t need a huge space to make a water feature, you can use an old bucket and create a mini pond. Many insects need water to live in or for breeding.

Site visit – we will be visiting a local pond as part of this workshop.


Objectives of the workshop

  • You leave with a plan of what additional water features you are going to add to your garden
  • You know how to make and maintain a micro pond

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Workshop Outline

We’ll be exploring water in your garden, focusing on making ponds and bog gardens that can be made in all-size gardens and done cheaply.  Also how to gather rainwater and use this for topping up your pond or bog garden and how to safely provide water for other animals and insects, such as hedgehogs and bees.  The day will cover;

    • General Principles of adding water
    • Climate change
    • Micro-ponds
    • Ponds
    • Bog gardens
    • Rainwater gardens
    • Plants

The day also includes an optional pond dipping session at Cainscross Parish Council’s pond near Ebley Mill.

The photos below are from a local garden which houses 14 beautiful micro ponds.



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When our workshop was cancelled due to COVID we made a video instead.