Focus Fresh Water Saturday 21st March –

Stroud Valley School

If you only do one thing for wildlife in your garden then add water… The birds and the bees need water and we can provide it in a way that makes it safe and easy for them to drink.  Many insects need water to live in or for breeding

Due to Covid19 this workshop has been cancelled – we’re really sorry.  We will be running this workshop and other events in the future so please sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch.

See the videos we’ve made to cover this subject – click here



We’ve made 2 videos to cover this workshop and they are available on this link

Objectives of the workshop

  • You leave with a plan of what additional water features you are going to add to your garden
  • You know how to make and maintain a micro pond

We’ll be exploring water in your garden with a focus on making ponds and bog gardens which can be made in all size gardens and done cheaply.  Also how to gather rainwater and use this for topping up your pond or bog garden and how to safely provide water for other animals and insects, such as hedgehogs and bees.

This workshop will be at Stroud Valley Community School (SVCS) in Stroud with a site visit to Chloe’s garden (just across the road).  During the day we will split into two groups with any families and children at SVCS staying at the school and creating some micro-ponds.  These ponds will be used as part of a nature project during the summer term.  The second group will build a series of micro-ponds in Chloe’s garden, exploring different size buckets and different depths.  ***If you are a parent of a child at SVCS please buy your ticket from school reception as there is a school price.

10:00 Our first session covers water in your garden.  All the ways you can provide water and what’s important about the ways you do.

11:15 Site visit to proposed sites for school ponds and to Chloe’s garden to see large pond, new bog garden and proposed sites for new micro-ponds

11:45 All about how to create micro ponds and what you can expect to get in them

13:30 Out to make the ponds, plant up some pond plants for people to take home

15:15 Optional final session designing your own pond based on the experience and learning from the day

Latest finish 4 pm

We are supported in this workshop by Gypsy who lives near Daisybank in Stroud and has 11 micro-ponds in her garden.   We’re really gratefully to Gypsy for volunteering her professional help as a gardener and her passion for micro-ponds. The pictures below were all taken in her garden. Gypsy’s ponds provide homes for newts, frogs and breeding ponds for toads as well as being used for drinking by bees and birds.  Come and join us and learn how to make your own ponds.








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