Create Wildlife Habitats – Workshops

COVID Up-date – we’re currently redesigning our workshops for early 2021.  We are anticipating COVID will continue to impact on our freedom to meet and therefore we are design shorter workshops for a maximum of 6 people and will run them more often.  We are also building and curating content to help people do different things in their gardens 

Shelter -

Our first workshop concentrates on shelter we can provide for different species.  We will start at the bottom of the food chain and do a deep dive into insects and bugs.  We’ll explore what we can expect to find and how to ensure we have the habitat they need.  We will then explore shelter required by other wildlife by following up the foodchain 

Food -

Focus on food, who needs what and how best to provide it. This time we’ll go back down the food chain and explore the endless interaction and relationship between all our wildlife.   We will follow the cycle of many of our pollinators and butterflies to ensure we are feeding the creatures right through their life cycle.  We will discuss the impact of native plants vs non native species

Fresh Water -

 Freshwater is important for so many of our wildlife.  We will explore easy ways to provide different sources of water but will concentrate on making micro-ponds.  How to build them and keep them fresh.  We will explore native plants for ponds and bog gardens and once again connect everything into the food chain.

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Where will the workshops be?

All workshops will be close to Stroud.  

Pricing explained

This project is self-funding.  We are applying for some small grants to help us cover the costs but at the moment the revenue will come from workshop fees, competition entry fees and donations. 

There is a suggested donation of £10 for adults and £5 for children, however if you are on a tight budget donate what you can afford.  If you are bringing more than one child you decide what a family price should be.

These fees will cover our website and technology costs, printing, prizes and other sundry costs.  All time is being donated by Chloe and Emily and the other amazing people who are helping out.

Do I have to come for the whole day?

Come for as much as you would like, you can see a detailed programme by clicking through the specific workshop link above.   Please be aware if we have already covered topics or questions you have we will not repeat ourselves. 

What do I get for my donation?

Whatever donation you choose to make will cover your attendance at the workshop for all or part of the day and all hot and cold drinks.  We will be selling some home-made cakes but recommend you bring your own picnic